Digimon Adventure Online - Create Your Digimon

Creating your own digimon is purely an exercise for the imagination. As the story goes in the Digimon Adventure Online Games, excess electronic emissions and frequencies from Earth’s communication networks created a new dimension called the digital world. This world offers a variety of geographic conditions that spawned lifeforms from data: digimon. A digimon’s origin gives it a unique set of abilities that changes as it matures to new levels, or digivolves. Your digimon creation can be a natural type of land, sea or air creature;Create Your Own Digimon a robotic machine type; an elemental type of rock, water, fire or gas being; or something from your imagination that no one has ever digitized before.

Step 1

Watch digimon television episodes of the anime cartoon, or read manga pictorials to familiarize yourself with digimon characteristics and digivolution transformations. Then, let your imagination work up a desired digimon type. Create a human/digimon biomerge or bio hybrid that you’re part of or form a pure data digimon. It's good that Digimon Adventure Online Games allow to do that.

Step 2

Decide on a type for your digimon character, and give it form. For illustrative purposes, let’s create a huge red and purple seafaring quadruped with surfboards extending from the soles of its feet. It’s body is that of an orca with legs, and it has the head of a seahorse with a mane made of fins. This would be a natural type of the aquatic variety, made of pure data.

Step 3

Give your creation a name. A Digimon Adventure Online Game's name always ends with the suffix "mon." Some digimon are named after their form or characteristics, like Apemon and Fangmon. In a similar vein, we’ll call the sea creature Sailmon, though it actually skates over the water’s surface.

Step 4

Add characteristics and special abilities. For instance, our aquatic friend’s feet generate huge waves that can be used for defense or an attack. It’s radar works for hundreds of miles and doubles as a disabling audio attack. Sailmon speaks with the voice of a woman and sings as she travels across the sea.

Step 5

Imagine extra-special abilities that can be downloaded to your digimon with cards and a digivice. Digimon are made of data, so they can temporarily add data for use as needed. As Sailmon’s tamer, I would carry a propulsion card that gives it jet props with afterburners for blistering speed.

Step 6

Use digimon evolutionary stages to identify the level of your digimon in Digimon Adventure Online Games. Then name and describe it’s other levels. This is where it gets especially creative. Digimon hatch from digi-eggs. The stages to follow are baby, in training and rookie. From the rookie stage, they digivolve to champion, ultimate and mega levels. Each consecutive level gets bigger and stronger with more abilities. Sailmon is an ultimate. Its mega level, Frigatemon, makes it a battleship with laser cannon horns on it’s forehead and tracks for land excursions.

Step 7

Draw your character, or commission a worthy artist to sketch it for you. Make it colorful and show various textures and materials. Remembering these characters are data, they commonly have metal or wood content along with skin, scales and fur. This is where your created digimon comes to life.